Dirt Track Vibes.

The Cyclone from BratStyle.

Bratty’s R nineT is living up to its name, Cyclone, and kicking up a great deal of dust. Customizer Go Takamine proves once more the uniqueness of the Brat Style he created. Dirt-Track-Vibes on. Pure Soulfuel.







Go Takamine

Modèle de base

R nineT




Brat Style

Striking handwriting

Go Takamine is shaping the customising world like no other. In 1998, he founded his BratStyle customising shop in Tokyo and in so doing created not only a brand but characterised his very own look. The Brat Style meanwhile ranks up there along with other prominent bike categories such as Cafe Racer, Chopper or Tracker. Brat Style means vintage design paired with visual lightness. Less polished and more stylish and striking – bikes for the soul. Its style inspires countless amateur and professional tinkerers all over the world and afforded the Japanese-born motorcycle enthusiast a great deal of respect on the scene. In 2014, Go opened another shop in Long Beach, California. In so doing, he definitively cemented his international standing.

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I have mixed the past with the near future, under the seemingly nostalgic outer shell is a new, modern motorcycle. »

Go Takamine


As a passionate motorcyclist, it is very important for Go Takamine that his custom bikes are balanced and mobile. He nevertheless leaves no expense spared when it comes to details that give each machine its own character. This becomes clear when you look at the R nineT conversion "Cyclone". Go has fitted the Tracker with a slim tank. Added to this are the Cowhorn handlebars, Ceriani fork, Bates style front light, Cafe racer bench and BratStyle rear light. The opposed-twin engine is given the right light with valve covers and front covers made of polished aluminium. The exhaust in the flat-track style and the golden yellow retro paint work from GT & SKETCH ensure that dirt-track feeling.

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La moto en détail




One-off polished-aluminium front cover, K&N filters, chrome details

Guidage de la roue avant / suspension

Ceriani fork, Cowhorn handlebars, Bates style front light, Drum brake

Rear suspension

BratStyle rear light, Firestone tyres


Custom exhaust in the flat-track style


Gold paintwork from GT & SKETCH

Cyclone with view on engine
Cyclone with view on tank


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